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How to use our event website builder / event website maker to design colorful event websites to collect event registrations & RSVPs - https://www.planningpod.com/event-website-builder.cfm

Our event website design tools enable you to quickly build event webpages for your events so you can collect registrations (and payments) and RSVPs for your events online.

Features include the ability to add panels for event schedules/timelines, location and venue maps, text, images, image galleries, videos (with integrations with YouTube and Vimeo) and event date countdown clocks.

You can also create event registration websites / event RSVP websites by simply adding the registration/RSVP panel to your event web page and sending your attendees to your website to RSVP, register and/or provide payment information (for paid events).

The event website builder also includes website design tools for customizing colors and fonts, formatting text, adding hyperlinks and connecting with your Google Analytics account (for more robust event website analytics tracking).

Finally, we offer social media sharing capabilities so your attendees can easily share the site on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. For a great event marketing tool, try our easy-to-use event website maker.

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Planning Pod is the ultimate online hub for managing events & venues. It's online software for event professionals that centralizes your information, streamlines processes & keeps you organized.

We offer the following products:
- Event Management Software for event planning and registration
- Venue Management Software for managing bookings, billings & clients
- Event Floor Plan Tools for building to-scale layouts & seating charts

In this video we're going to take a look at how you can build a public-facing event website for each of your events. Our event website builder tool is fully customizable so you can add your own pictures, text, videos, links to social media, and whatnot. The website is a single event webpage site that your viewers could use to scroll down and they can view it on any kind of device whether it be a smartphone, tablet or a computer. So we're going to go into the event dashboard and click on the event website button and once you're inside of the event website maker tool you can first of all see that we have added some default panels to the event website. You can always remove, edit, change and move these panels wherever you would like. For example this first panel at the top we added an image panel which you can control by using the controls in the right hand side. You can move it to the top, the bottom, you can move it up or down one panel, you can edit the text, you can upload a different image and you can even remove the panel. You can also add new panels by clicking on the add new panel button at the top of the page. Here you can add image panels, all sorts of text panels, and additional panels like locations, galleries, schedules and video panels and we've already added one of these to the site but you can add more if you wish. So I'm going to scroll down and as you're gonna see next to each panel are the controls for the panel to move it, modify the text, the background colors as well as remove the panel. Here's the location panel and you can add the location address, the background color or remove it. Here is the RSVP panel and you can change the headline color and we'll go into more detail on RSVPs in another video. For the gallery panel you can modify the text and upload an image for each item in the gallery. You can create a schedule for your event here and you can add new items to the schedule and modify those. You can add a video link to a panel. You can have a follow us panel link to your social media accounts. Here's a countdown panel that you can add and modify that counts down to the event date and finally there's a panel for your footer and I'm just gonna go into this real quick click on the text link and I can modify my text color by clicking on the text icon there and then just dragging to whatever color I want to choose in the color picker there. I'm going to create a darker font and then I'm going to type in the text that I want to appear in my footer right here. Then again this is just to give you an example of making modifications to a text field on the event website.

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