Study vlog: Preparing for boards???? + lots of eating/ 12th grader daily life✨


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study vlog: 12th board student trying to study

Hi it's me♡
Sorry for the late upload :(

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and let's pray as we head towards a new year ♡

Many of you were wondering where my study vlogs disappeared off to but here it is! :) It's pretty short but I hardly managed to pull this one off too. I'm just really busy these days, hope you understand ♡

Thank you for still checking out my video and continuing to support me♡ Hope you like it.



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Q) ???????????? ????????????'???? ???? ???????????????? ???????? ?????????????????
Ans: Because I want to maintain my privacy ♡

Q)???????????? ???????????? ???????? ?????
Ans: 17(at the time of filming)

Q)???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ?????????????
Ans: My phone(Redmi note 7 pro)

Q)???????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ?????????????????????????
Ans: I use vllo app

Q)???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????/???????????????????????????????? ????????/?????????????????????????????????
Ans: I don't use them yet~


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