Wix vs WordPress vs Duda: Which Website Builder Ranks Highest in 2020?


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Wix vs WordPress vs Duda: Which Website Builder Ranks Highest in 2020?

Find out which leading website builder is ranked highest in G2's Summer 2020 Grid Report.

0:27 - What is G2?
1:01 - Why compare Duda, Wix, and WordPress?
1:17 - Website Builder Report Inclusion Requirements
2:16 - Meets Requirements
2:32 - Ease of Use
2:50 - Ease of Setup
3:14 - Ease of Admin
3:44 - Quality of Support
4:16 - Ease of Doing Business With
4:29 - Product Direction
4:51 - Results Scores
5:16 - Time to ROI with Duda, Wix, and WordPress
5:44 - Implementation Scores
6:11 - Conclusion


Duda, Wix, and WordPress were all in the Leader quadrant in G2’s Summer 2020 Grid Report for Website Builders.

The G2 rankings are based on reviews from actual customers, and the reviews have been verified by G2. Duda received more than 130 reviews in the Website Builder category and scored an astonishing 91% from reviewers in the area of “likely to recommend” — higher than WordPress.com, Wix, and Squarespace.

Methodology: G2 rates products and vendors based on reviews gathered from their user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. They apply a unique algorithm to this data to calculate the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real-time. The Grid Report for Website Builder | Summer 2020 is based on scores calculated using the G2 algorithm from reviews collected through June 3, 2020. To view the Grid with the most recent data, please visit G2's Website Builder page.

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